Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easy & Cute Decorating idea!

Ok so Me my mom and Meg love to do fun craft projects and this time
we made cute little jewlery/bag hangers! 
So I thought I would share!
 First I just got this old wood frame type thing
and painted it a light green. I got the paint at Home depot on the knockoff
shelf for a dollar! Score
Then I laid out the cute knobs I’m going to use and I marked
where I wanted them to go into the wood. I used a half sheet of cardboard paper
to make sure they all lined up.
Next I drilled a whole for each knob and then screwed them
in with the little washers they came with. The
back of the knob is hanging out on mine but it’s easy to trim them down.

Megan and my cousins also made one! Super cheep! All the knobs
were 50% off at hobby lobby. I got the wood for free and the as I said before
the paint was a dollar!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cassie and Bronson

July 13, 2011 at exactly 5:54pm I get a text from Cassie
saying “ I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!.............seriously…….a text?! Haha So of
course I call her and congratulate her! I am still in shock! My best friend is
engaged! Not gonna lie I wish I was sitting right next to her when he asked but….guess
that might have been a bit awkward haha I am soo beyond excited for the both of
them! It’s crazy that not too long ago we were going in and out of jewelry stores
pretending Cassie was looking for an engagement ring! The wait is finally over!
I can’t wait for there wedding! Love you both!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My true Love!

Welp today was bitter sweet! spent all day with my girl Carlee! We took these lovely photos this morning, then watched our fav show, the batchelorett, went our to dinner and a movie and ended the night making crazy dance videos (coming soon) haha. Carlee leaves tomorrow afternoon..... Tonight we will cuddle like there is no tomorrow! haha Just kidding......but seriously......

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Forever and always

Words can not describe my love for these two. I can honestly say my sister and mother are and will forever be my very best friends. They have always put me first above anything else. They have thought me to be me and not be afraid to be crazy. My favorite memories are dancing in the kitchen with my mom after I complained about cleaning and her way to fix it was to make light of the situation and just have fun with it. I distinctly remember one day sitting on the couch saying how I was SO board so my mom said “I can fix that!” and then gives me a list of house work to do. Haha My mom has been the perfect example of who I want to be. She has shown me how to be a mom, friend and peacemaker. In school when ever a girl would talk about her mom it was always “I don tell me mom anything”, “My mom is SO lame!” “OMG I would NEVER go shopping with my mom!” I was always so confused by this because I can’t shop with out my mom, I always hang out with her and I tell her everything about my life good or bad. I am proud to say I don have one single secret my mom doesn’t know. As for me Sister, We fight, yell, and say things I cant repeat… but the truth is she is who I look up to most. She is so perfect! She always knows what to say or what to do in a bad situation. I strive to be like her and I can’t imagine her not being in my life. She is the one who taught me to not care so much what other thought of me and focus on what I thought of my self. Meagan is the most trustworthy, honest person I know. We always have the best time together. I can’t pretend we have had a Perfect relationship because ill be the first to say we had anything but a perfect relationship but as we grew up we both grew closer together. I remember when we little we shared a room and we had twin beds, and at night when we were both laying in bed our last words would be “night Morgan,
I love you” and I would say it right back. My favorite was when we would fight and even after we said we would never talk to each other again, at night it all changed, I would say “night meg love you” and after a few minutes of awkward  silence, I would here her say under her breath fast and still in an angry voice “Night. Love you too.”

Monday, June 27, 2011

He's the

The Gang!

Double Date! Grant, Meagan, Tyler and I all went on a date Saturday! Theses
boys did a great job! We started out at grant house where we made dinner! So
good! My plate actually got pretty burnt (thanks grant) but over all dinner was
awesome! Then we went into Tempe where we went rock climbing!!! So Fun and Ty
Even got me my very own harness! Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever! haha I think
so...Well anyways after watching Tyler make us all look bad as he climbs
pretty much anything with out even breaking a sweat, we go to Tyler’s house in
mesa where we make Dutch oven peach cobbler! I’m seriously obsessed! It’s so
yummy! Loved it! The date was perfect! These boys definitely know how to charm
the ladies! haha